Demolition Depot

"Rule #1: Are Our People Safe?"

We guarantee that all work is carried out in accordance with Codes of Practice OHS Act 1985.


All Asbestos removal will be carried out in accordance with all Occupational Health and Safety regulations and all relevant Worksafe Victoria requirements.   

All removal is carried out by fully qualified and licensed removalists, and disposed of in accordance with all regulations.  
Once removal is completed, the site is checked by an independent hygienist and the relevant clearance certificate issued prior to demolition works

Asbestos FAQ's   Please ask for an Asbestos Audit today!

Worker's safety our priority   

We aim to have a workplace that is without risk to health, safety and welfare.  
We provide suitable instruction, information, training and supervision.
We have adequate resources, including qualified personnel.
We focus on ongoing and effective review and improvement.
We have on the job instruction, initial increased supervision for new staff, written checklists, safe work methods and ongoing monitoring and review.  
Our employees are empowered by feeling involved and having a  knowledge of why the programs and procedures have been implemented.

OH & S representative on site.   OHS 1.JPG

We aim to have safe and adequate plant, equipment and substances.
We have appropriate plans, procedures and work methods.
We supply all safety equipment for staff.   
Employees are encouraged to consult and take ownership of the safety programs and procedures that directly affect them.  
We are diligent in our work practice in relation to neighbour's property.

Machinery and Equipment  

All machinery and trucks are serviced regularly and checked daily

We encourage:   

Feedback and recommendations from staff about what should be done in the future to enable continual safety improvements, or take corrective action. 
This is done in direct reference to the stated safety program objectives and performance measures. 

Changes in technology, legislation and work systems will always result inimproved prevention and control strategies.