Demolition Depot

"How To Get Yourself Organised For The BIG Day"

Please read this brief checklist to get organised for your demolition project.

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 1) A demolition permit  needs to be obtained prior to
demolition work starting.
We will arrange this after we
obtain the relevant paperwork from the owner. This takes
about two weeks.

 2) Relevant Paperwork:  

 i) Consent Form will be posted, emailed or faxed to you.  

ii) Copy of 'Title' for the property  

iii) Most recent Council rates notice for the property  

iv) Site plan of the existing building (from the back of the
'soil report' or hand drawn)

2) Gas and electricity  services to the property need to
be abolished.  This means that all service lines need to be
removed and the meters taken away prior to demolition.
This is done only after final meter readings have been obtained. 

 (This process can take up to 20 working days, but usually takes
about 2 weeks  The electricity cost for this is $109.75, and is
billed to the owner of the property.)

3) Tree removal permits  may need to be obtained from the local
Council, depending on size of the tree, and if it is located in a
vegetation protection overlay. If you have a town planning permit the
tree can be removed according to this.

4) An Asset Protection permit  needs to be obtained from your
local Council, prior to demolition starting.