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The Team

Adrian Hillyer: Director& Co-founder of Demolition Depot

Adrian heads the operations and logistics side of the business, making sure that projects start, run and finish on time.  His particular methodology ensures that a safe, fast and environmentally-friendly demolition takes place. He is known as a local expert in demolition.

Kim Hillyer: Co-founder of Demolition Depot

Kim heads the administrative and organisational side of the
business, ensuring the client has all paperwork and necessary
documentation prepared correctly and on time. She is highly
organised, and helps smooth the way for all, and prides herself
on excellent service.

"The Demolition Depot Story"

 Demolition Depot evolved through market demand.  When Adrian and Kim started out they were concentrating on doing bobcat and excavator projects.  This involved site cuts, basements, bulk excavation, digging slabs and drainage.  What they found was, the builders they were working with at the time needed reliable, trust-worthy demolition contractors, and several of them encouraged Adrian and Kim to expand their services, and to get their demolition license.  

This inspired them to set up a separate demolition business and focus on providing a high quality, reliable and efficient service in this field. Of course, not every one was happy. The very builders who had encouraged them in the first place were disappointed to lose Adrian & Kim's great excavation services!  

The vision was to provide a quality, professional service that took all the mystery and potential problems out of the art and process of demolishing a building, and to highlight all the necessary considerations and legal requirements, to make it simple and stress-free for their clients. Working in the building industry for so long had given them both a great insight into how things can go wrong, and what processes needed to be developed to ensure smooth, efficient and safe demolition practices. From there, Demolition Depot has gone from strength to strength, based on a foundation of intelligent research, a passion for great service, dedication to safety and social responsibility, and an aspiration and strong desire to make a difference in the industry.  

It is the constant stream of 'thank you' cards and letters that keep Adrian and Kim motivated to excel, and the trust placed in them from the number of referrals they receive every month. Repeat business is a great sign and encourager that they are not only fulfilling their customers' expectations, but exceeding them as well!  Adrian and Kim also want to acknowledge the fantastic team they have built, who are always looking for ways they can improve their skills, knowledge and customer service levels. They attribute a large part of their success to having a great team of dedicated individuals around them.  

As Adrian and Kim say: "All we leave are memories, but we want those memories to be great!"